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Transformative Vision Care Services in Peachtree City

Our services extend beyond routine check-ups to help preserve your long-term vision and eye health. Let us be your partners in vision health!

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Experience Expert Eye Care with a Warm Touch

At EyeCare Plus, we believe every patient’s eyes are unique and deserve personalized care. Whether you require an eye exam, urgent care, or disease management, our eye care combines a compassionate approach with modern techniques and technology.

We provide services for the whole family, including back-to-school eye exams, detection and management of eye diseases like glaucoma, and updates to glasses or contact lens prescriptions.

Our Eye Doctors Use the Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

Advanced optometric technology is central to maintaining your long-term vision and eye health. Our clinic uses the latest diagnostic and treatment tools to detect and manage eye conditions early, ensuring optimal outcomes. Our state-of-the-art equipment enhances precision and accuracy, providing the best care.

We invite you to visit our eye clinic and experience the benefits of innovative technology in safeguarding your vision and eye health.

Our Technology


The optomap® Retinal Exam produces an image that is as unique as you fingerprint and provides us with a wide view to look at the health of your retina. The scan will show us a healthy eye or detect disease.

Eye Care Equipment

LASIK Co-Management in Peachtree City

Experience the liberating world of clear through LASIK co-management at our facility. LASIK surgery can transform your vision and improve your quality of life permanently. Our team specializes in pre-surgery evaluations and post-operative care, ensuring you navigate the LASIK process confidently. LASIK co-management with us is more than just a procedure - it’s your gateway to visual freedom.

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    Our vision therapy service offers personalized programs to improve visual skills and eye coordination, enhancing overall vision and addressing issues like lazy eye, focusing problems, and eye strain.
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    Discover how we provide personalized care that surpasses the ordinary, ensuring we optimize your vision to its fullest potential.
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    In moments of crisis, trust our team to provide emergency care that is swift, precise, and compassionate.
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    When treating eye conditions, our approach combines cutting-edge techniques to offer relief.
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    Managing eye diseases requires a delicate balance of expertise and empathy, a balance our team excels at.